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Does those pictures reminded you of something what you have not seen for long time?Well,here im again.Today I start to do all the work over again.Dont ask me what happened in past 6 months.Was simply a hassel.
The website of Cindy is on for about 4 days in a new look,whitch I love,thank to very wonderful man who is helping me and I would like to forget everything and carry on with my work.
The wonderful blue version is gone for good and those two pics and bitter sweet memories are everything I have left from the work I was working on for past 2 years.
In next days I will try to put on all the great stories and pics from backstage of my stripping & modeling life.
I did not stop working and traveling so I still have bizzare stories to tell.
I just want to say that I hope the one who is responsible for the big lose of mine will find out very soon what a line " what goes around comes around " means......

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