Burke&Hare Edinburgh


I haven't write my diary for about a year.But year ago I came to Edinburgh in Scotland.The Burke&Hare famous lap dancing club is a place where I found a job and I absolutly love it there.

Burke isn't big poshy gentlemans club with stupid rules,ripping customers off place like most of the clubs I used to work before.Is simply a pub.A pub where man has a three most important things of his life - beer,football and pussy.

I love the girls there.They are full time strippers with thems own lifes and issues.NO Bimbos,NO models.Just pure human being who keep taking clothes off for living,selling illusions and dreams in a working hours,going home later and feeling clean.They are all gorgeous,great,cause the people keep coming back over and over.Some of them are fabulous pole dancers,I remember when I auditioned there,omg,I got scared seeing Tamzin on the pole without touching the floor for a two songs!

What else I like there are the opening hours.From 12pm - 1am.Girls work on two shifts.Great!!No more drinking expensive champagne for commissions,pretending fun and being silly untill 5am!!This doesn't happen in Burke.

The best thing of Burke&Hare...free spirit all the time !!!!

The weekends in Burke are mental, too busy.
My favorit day to work on is Sunday and Monday.If there would be only one day of the week I can choose to work on,it would be Sunday.

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