How does my holiday go ?


Im still in Czech and my holidays goes great.Feels to me like it has just been 3 days since I returned from Scotland but it's already 3 weeks.
As you can see I was kind od busy with this website.
Last week I had a photoshoot with my favorit photographer Swany - Miloslav Svanovsky who is responsible for most of the greatest pix on this web.My thank goes also to his make up artist Nadenka - Nada Rotnaglova,ain't the make up great ?
I took my friend Janula to the shoot.....was scared her boyfriend will kill me but all of us like the pix even him.
The other thing what I have done as many of you know, I went for the audition for Big Brother.
Is too soon to speak about it now.Maybe we wont speak about it anymore......
I wanna thank to my friends for the support in all of this -Janula,Jitula,Jirka,Valca...
Im also lap dancing,is probably addiction.Went for trial to one of Prague's club and it was more then succesful. I made money and I liked it there.Of course was kind of easy for me cause was packed of english people :-)))))
Let me go now to finish my new section of this web - E-postcards.Have you seen it ? Find them in Extras xxxxxx

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