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Hi,I havn't been here for ages so before I tell you all the news from mine exciting life I would like to appologize to everybody who stayed my true fans and friends and were wondering what's up with me. Im really sorry but I got offer whitch was unresistable...
One day just after Xmas I got offered bussines place to start to do whatever I desire.I didn't waste my time and builded and from now point of wiew succesfully opened my own shop.
So what do I do ?
I do rent movies and run Internet cafe.

But I didn't give up stripping, there is still long way to go, just was too busy but in the moment I'm getting back to normal, went already twice to Scotland for a short trip and my next appereances will be in sunny Balearic Island Ibiza from Juny 27th untill July 18th in a famous club Blue Rose.
Waited 2 years to get invited to perform there so I'm looking forward to go there but to be honest I'm a bit scared as well.
Wish me luck and I will let you know how everything goes there.

And also got a July appointment for great photoshoot so the gallery will be updated late this summer with some hot wamp pictures how the photographer about this shoot say - just WAMP !

So take care now, have great summer and speak to you soon

Cindy xxxxx

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